My open source projects

This Website

Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Even this website you're currently browsing is open source! It's nothing fancy, but it's there. A cheap hosting solution on my end, and it's open source. I see this as an absolute win!

Gold Player

Uses C# and Unity

My personal favourite project! Gold Player is an advanced yet simple to use player controller for Unity. It's the result of years of trying to make a simple player controller. I've used it myself for 2 games, Jumps (when Gold Player was in early development) and Santa Gets A Shotgun and to me, it feels production ready!

Random Software

Uses C# and WinForms

As the name implies, the repository contains random software. This is software I've developed for certain tasks that I didn't feel like doing manually.

Countless Bot

Uses C#

Countless Bot is a Discord bot I developed for a friend. It uses the same base as my own bot, HertzBot, but slightly outdated at this point.