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Santa Gets A Tower Thumbnail

Santa Gets A Tower

A 2019 Christmas game made in Unity. Defend your cabin against evil snowmen by placing towers to block their path and throw snowballs at the rest! Play endlessly until the snowmen eventually get to your cabin and then try again in carnage mode, where all the settings are turned up to 11!

Santa Gets A Shotgun Thumbnail

Santa Gets A Shotgun

A 2018 Christmas game made in Unity. Fight of endless waves of evil snowmen with your trusty shotgun! Gain points to upgrade your weapon and player! Even team up with your friends and play online multiplayer or go wild in the carnage mode, designed to be crazy!

Quible Sphere Thumbnail

Quible Sphere

A game where you roll around as a ball. There are 40 levels and several obstacles trying to stop you. It also has a level editor so you can create your own levels and share them with the community!

Jumps Thumbnail


A game all about jumping on different colored blocks that gives you special effects like jump boost and movement speed increase! Features 47 challenging levels for you to complete, along with extra challenges for those who like to be challenged!

Santa's Jetpack Thumbnail

Santa's Jetpack

A Christmas game made back in 2014 and then remade in 2015. Collect presents as Santa to fuel your jetpack and get as far as you can while avoiding reindeer and snowmen throwing snowballs at you.