Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Hampus and I'm a game developer hobbyist from Sweden. I'm years years old and have been doing my best with making games for around unity years years. During that time, I've branched off into general software development, mainly .NET applications. So I'm not all about games!

Got any work experience?

Short answer: Not really.
Long answer: I haven't worked professionally in the IT industry but I have been teaching programming to students and children. I lack the education for most IT companies to even consider taking me in so it's hard to get experience...

Taught programming?

I'm glad you asked! I've been a part of a local CoderDojo and taught Scratch and Python to children and young teenagers. It was a fun experience as I got to learn how to teach properly and I learnt a few things along the way in Python.

My portfolio

Given all the years I've been making stuff, I've built up a small portfolio. It has games and random software I've developed. To see my games, go to the games page and to see my other software, go to the projects page. You can also go to my GitHub page to see everything I don't list here!

I'm on other sites too!

I'm all over the web! There you can see more of me and what I do!