About Me

Hello there! I'm Hertzole and I am a 23 year old game developer from Sweden.

My journey into game development started when I released my first small game in 2014. Since then, I have worked on both personal and professional projects, gaining valuable experience in the field. As a result, I specialize in C# and Unity and have developed a deep understanding of both with my nine years of experience.

In addition, I love making open-source Unity assets as a way to give back to the community. I am always eager to learn new things and take on new challenges in the field of game development.

Professional Projects

Work related projects


  • Lead developer
  • Developed gameplay systems
  • Developed UI
  • Developed networking
  • Developed internal level editor


  • Developed UI systems
  • Quality of life fixes


  • Maintainer after lead developer left
  • Quality of life fixes

Personal Projects

Projects released by myself


A endless wave game where you play as Santa and shooting snowmen with your shotgun, the sequel to Santa Gets A Shotgun.


A game jam game created for Lv. 99 Game Jam 2023 where you play as a furious business man who needs to take a deep breath to calm down.


A Christmas game jam game created internally at Aurora Punks with a coworker where you play with 3 other online players to see who can collect the most gifts.


A Christmas game where you play as Santa defending his cabin from snowmen by placing down towers and throwing snowballs at them.


A endless wave game where you play as Santa and shooting snowmen with your shotgun.


A bard rolling game where you play as a sphere that needs to traverse hard levels without falling off, while collecting cubes and racing against the clock.


A school project where you jump on different colored cubes to get special effects to complete levels as fast as possible.


A endless runner game where you play as Santa that needs to collect presents to keep his jetpack fueled while avoiding obstacles.


Projects that are designed to help the development of games

A modern C# wrapper around the GameJolt Game API for .NET and Unity.

A library for Unity that allows you to create scriptable objects that can be used as variables, events, collections, and pools in the inspector.

Adds a few new attributes to your Unity project that injects code into the assembly using Mono.Cecil to automate certain tasks.

Allows you to easily set up runtime options in your Unity game using scriptable objects.

A runtime level editor for your Unity games that use code generation for easy serialization.

A player controller for Unity that is easy to use.